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* Our beliefs

Building Relationships.
Creating Value.

We believe in free markets, fair competition and strong property rights. In other words: capitalism.

Capitalism can be turbulent. Superior goods and services replace existing ones. Rendering companies or even industries obsolete. Often abruptly. This process never stops. Wealth is (by definition) not distributed equally over time, place or people. In Corporate Finance terms: there are opportunity costs.

However, most of the time we enjoy being part of this system. It appears to be an effective and efficient way to grow the value of goods and services available to society as a whole.

Capitalism seduces us to remain a relevant piece of the global value creation puzzle.

Our contribution is finding the very best new home for capital assets: private companies or specific business activities of our clients. A process that always involves competition but should never be a zero sum game for the parties involved. Or society.

Want to know what we do and how we do it?

KC Corporate Finance

Capital assets can generate vastly different cashflows in different hands. The importance of finding the right buyer cannot be overstated. Make the deal a success with KC Corporate Finance.

KC Accounting

Don’t let the rapid pace of business and the constantly changing financial sector frustrate control of your financials. We can manage your accounting, provide accurate reporting and comprehensive financial, economic and strategic advice.

KC Audit

Your stakeholders expect your financial reports to reflect reality. To improve the accuracy, transparency and reliability of your financial reportings an assurance is needed. We audit your finances and provide the necessary assurance.

KC Legal

The international tax transparent environment pushed by globalization and increased tax compliance regulations present challenges for all sorts of organizations. Maintain control with our tax compliance and advisory services.